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Shenzhen Sharebest Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Hengda Ruixin Investment Management Co., Ltd., which is mainly dedicated to the scenario-based innovation, design, research and development and operation of consumer IoT products. Can provide customers with professional PCBA solutions, motherboard customization, software development and design, one-stop solution for supply chain and foundry, after several years of steady development, Shabert Technology has provided research and development for hundreds of well-known enterprises at home and abroad , Production services.

Based on the business philosophy of "quality, service and innovation", Shabert Technology has continuously increased its R & D investment and created a first-class R & D team. Whether in new technology research, new product development, or application software, it is in Industry leading position. In recent years, through the forward-looking industrial layout, Sharebest Technology has seized opportunities to vigorously develop the smart medical, smart wearable, and smart Internet of Things industries. Social benefits.


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