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Infrared Thermometer

  • Infrared Thermometer 02
  • Infrared Thermometer 02
Infrared Thermometer 02Infrared Thermometer 02
- Quick and Precise Measurement: One-key measurement technology to get exact measuring value within 1 second. Consistent and reliable thermometer temperature range (accuracy) is ± 0.2°C (±0.4°F). Automatic shutdown after 60 seconds.
- Safe and Professional:  Trusted by pediatricians and medical professionals. Silent function won’t wake up or frighten the baby. 12 previous readings is available to help you track the changed of your body temperature.
- Easy Operation and Read: Mute, 3 colors backlight and large digital display help you read take temp without troubling in dark. 2 sounds warning will get your attention soon. Red light with 3 short beeps indicates fever.
- Two model: The infrared thermometer can not only measure forehead( suitable for all ages) but also measure ear( younger than one year age), which makes your test result more accuracy. Temperature display with Fahrenheit and Celsius.


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